SnackMiser™ puts the power of savings into your environment.

With SnackMiser™, you can achieve maximum energy savings that result in reduced operating costs and decreased greenhouse gas emissions with your existing machines.

SnackMiser™ offers...

  • A quick, inexpensive solution for energy savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • Early ROI
  • Longer machine lifespan

Compatible with non-refrigerated snack vending machines, SnackMiser™ incorporates innovative, energy-saving technology into a small, plug-and-play device that installs in minutes.

A practical approach to power...

SnackMiser™ uses a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to determine if there is anyone within 25 feet of the machine. It waits for 15 minutes of vacancy, then powers down the machine. If a customer approaches the machine while powered down, SnackMiser™ will sense the presence and immediately power up.

This Miser runs the bank...

For a bank of machines, SnackMiser™ can use its Sensor Repeater, which allows it to be controlled from the PIR sensor of any other Miser in the bank. SnackMiser™ can stand alone or be an ideal partner for VendingMiser®.

Energize your savings and conservation...

  • On average, SnackMiser™ reduces energy consumption annually per machine by $50
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 470 lbs. and 770 grams of NOx*

Click here to download the SnackMiser product information sheet.

* Based on occupancy and the Energy Information Administration's national average of greenhouse gas emissions and electricity generation.