Quantity discounts may be available for orders of 10 or more products. Please call us (813) 335-5316 or use the form below to inquire about discounts that may be available for the products and quantities you are interested in purchasing.

The two most common products purchased by our customers are the 150 and 170 series Energy Miser controllers. The 150 series controllers and sensors are typically mounted on a wall near the machines. The 170 series controllers and sensors come with an easy install bracket and are mounted on the machines themselves.

If you are not sure which device to purchase for your application, please give us a call (813) 335-5316 or you can ask us a question using the contact form on our contact page.

For information about utility rebates that may be available, please provide us with the name of your electric utility company along with the products you are interesting in purchasing using the form above. You can also send us an email to the following address: